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Here's an overview of how the Splitero process works - from checking eligibility to receiving your home equity investment to repaying Splitero.
How much is your home worth?
Starting point $697,000
Your home may qualify for up to
Now, let’s run some future scenarios and see how we’ll share the ups and downs.
Future Home Value: $0
5 years
  • 30 years
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  • 1 year
No rush! 30 year repayment term.
Splitero's Split
Effective APR 0.00%
Splitero’s Split Percentage is 39% of the appreciation above the Starting Point, which ranges from 80-83% of the home value. This example uses 82% of the home value.
Repayment is made via refinance, home sale, or cash payoff.
Assumes appraisal cost of $200 and escrow, title and closing fees of $800. The appraisal and escrow costs are paid to third parties and may vary depending on property specific factors. This calculator assumes a 2.99% origination fee. Splitero charges a 1.99% - 4.99% origination fee based on property and homeowner specifc scenarios.

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